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VoIP Phone Service - Unlimited phone calls to any telephone in the U.S. or Canada for just $19.95 per month with Packet8 Phone. Free member to member calls worldwide.

VoIP Basics - Web Telephony - A guide to voice over IP and how to make free telephone calls from your computer.

Broadband Phone Service - Save money on your long distance calls with broadband phone service. Url:

iCallGlobe –The VoIP Resellers - Carriers of Wholesale VoIP Termination - Visit iCallGlobe to become a VoIP reseller, a wholesale service provider of VoIP termination minutes, routes and many more VoIP related products.

Bandwidth Buyers Guide - is your #1 guide for instant comparisons on T1 lines, T3 access, and various high speed providers.

VoIP Forum – VoIP Services – VoIP Call Termination - Access VoIP forum to get updated information on VoIP services, VoIP call termination, VoIP equipment with best VoIP service providers.

VOIP Providers - VOIP reviews. We compare the services offered by the leading VOIP Providers.

Boards for Triple Play - Triple-Play Media-Processing Boards and DSPs for Telecom Developers with simultaneous media processing on a single DSP. Supports 3G-324M, H. 324, and Video/Fax/Modem/Voice over IP. Supports codecs; G. 729, G. 723. 1, G. 711, NB-AMR, WB-AMR, EVRC, etc.