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  • and Cognigen Switching Technologies proudly present the latest addition to the Cognigen product family - CogniConference™! Bring your company together with our conference technology; conduct routine meetings and discuss the urgent issues over the phone ... from over 50 countries worldwide!

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      CogniConference™ National Average
    Cost Per Leg 9.9¢/min* 25.0¢/min
    Number of Legs 16 legs 6 legs
    International Access YES NO
    Monthly Fee $0.00 $15/month
    Web Scheduling YES NO
    Online Billing YES NO
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    *US-48 origination only      

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    CogniConference™ is designed for business use. Meeting with another company? Save yourself the cost of airfare and have the meeting over the phone! Have important news to share with your remote sales staff? We have the solution -- CogniConference™